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Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Not Too Terribly Polite Response to UMC

Kathleen is unfailingly polite. I'm half Irish.

Dear Ms Taylor

I note your response to Ms Kathleen Seidel's letter "A Plaintiff in the Pulpit", which now appears on the Neurodiversity weblog, with a combination of incredulity mixed with misgivings over the future of a sizeable number of autistic children. I did not receive any response to my letter of 2 March 2007, which predates Kathleen's (attached for reference) and didn't really expect one since this is not my country, though my argument is basically that Christianity is universal and any action on the part of a recognisably Christian organisation that is fundamentally anti-Christian ought to be confronted.

Your response to Kathleen avoided addressing any of the real concerns that this "Truth is coming to light" event raises. Since you appear to have an aversion to meticulously researched facts, perhaps a more down to earth approach would be better.

You state that the Women's Division is guided by the United Methodist Book of Discipline quoting

"We encourage wise policies relating to the availability of ….drugs."

Wise policies are usually based on something other than the junk science your Lisa Sykes is aiding and abetting. You should try reading the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report of 2004. Contrary to the conspiracy theorists, the IOM is the expert panel of the American Academy of Sciences and quite independent of the CDC and FDA.

Your ignorance of this issue is very evident in the following:

"When pharmaceutical products and vaccines can be produced without mercury, we question why even trace amounts of this known neurotoxin are used."

The neurotoxin is there as a preservative - and so much for your vaunted 'support' for global vaccination. No preservative equals no vaccine in places like sub-Saharan Africa or anywhere else with a lack of reliable refrigeration. So which preservative has the endorsement of the Women's Division? Why not try thimerosal. It's proven to be a very safe preservative at the dosage used with no known side effects including neurological defects. Toxicity is a matter of dosage. We live in a world full of toxins including neurotoxins. Practically anything including water and salt can be toxic if the dose is right. Mercury is ubiquitous. Does the Women's Division have a plan to rid the planet of volcanic eruptions so we can avoid one of the main sources of Mercury? We actually are equipped by our Maker to deal with a whole host of nasties both animate and inanimate. Sure, we shouldn't overdo that. But tell me where in anybody's Science it is proven that the mere presence of small amounts of thimerosal is overdoing it?

"What is wrong with asking for clean healthy drugs for our children" you ask. I presume that this is an endorsement by the United Methodist Women 's Division for clean but not very healthy Lupron for children. When you dreamed up this idea that there is such a thing as 'mercury poisoning' of children diagnosed with autism, you also tacitly endorsed Rev Sykes lunatic treatment option – the chemical castration of small children so that all the fictitious excess mercury can be removed by the favourite method of quacks and charlatans - chelation. Do you have any idea what you are lending support to here? "Let the children come to me and do not stop them" in your concordance seems to be a recipe for the following.

First we inject a depot shot of Lupron every two weeks. It is a painful shot apparently but we'll give it twice as often as the manufacturer recommends because that seems to work better. Let's also give the child an injection of Lupron every day, not recommended by anybody, but who needs a paediatrician? We've got this fake Institutional Review Board, which Rev Sykes is a member of and they rubber stamp every step we make. Every few days we give the child some DSMA (chelator). This makes them feel ill and upsets their tummies but they'll get used to it.

So here we have a child both terrorised and made miserable based on no science whatsoever and you say that your mission is to protect children? The long-term effects of both the castration and the chelation are unknown by the way.

The horrible awful irony of this event you're organising is the spectacle of an expensive conference to render a phantom issue mute while simultaneously supporting real child abuse, which is what chelation and castration amount to.

Yours sincerely


Blogger Sharon McDaid said...

Hey Alyric, I'm full Irish, what must you expect from my manners? ;-)

Even though I usually use my best 'telephone' manner on my blog, I'd find it impossible to combine gentility with perfectly researched and referenced expositions, the way Kathleen does.

Hopefully your more straight-talking letter will make her think again about supporting this monstrosity.

4:58 AM  
Blogger Alyric said...

Sharon - your blog is very mannered, and I enjoy reading it, but my temper isn't:).

3:48 PM  
Blogger J said...

Alyric -
I just took the time to really look over your blog for the first time. Wow. I thought I had my favorites pretty well established, but I was wrong! Your depth of thought, clarity of presentation, and thorough treatment of the issues is both gratifying and easy to accommodate. I am really, really impressed. Why have you not been on the Hub? I know, I know, I read your comment that you are "too independent" or something, but the bottom line is that you are a top-notch contributor, and I would love to see your writings reach a wider audience.
Anyway, my compliments, and thanks for advocating for my son. In about 15 years, he can thank you himself :)

10:16 PM  

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