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Friday, December 07, 2007

Advertising in Wonderland

My post to Dr Grossman

Dear Dr Grossman

I am writing with regard to your Ransom Notes campaign. To be honest I can't quite get my head around the level of stupidity, ignorance, lack of taste, lack of intelligence, lack of a moral compass, bigotry, liking for sensationalism etc shown so clearly in this misguided initiative. I could go on for pages. It is apalling and for the medical profession to be involved, disturbing. Remember the primer of the practice of Medicine - First Do No Harm? This cracked gem is just about certain to undo the efforts of thousands in trying to reduce stigma and to enable the possibility of a quality life for our nearest and dearest who, unfortunately, by virtue of their label are going to affected adversely by this return to mediaeval barbarism.

I assume that this campaign is supposed to encourage the population to seek help early for their children. Consider if you will. Would a reasonable person allow their children anywhere near the idiots responsible for this retrograde lunacy?

Sincerely yours